Winter time

By Hawkeye Staff

Hi. I’m sitting at my dark gloomy computer on this dark gloomy day writing this column, and can’t help but feel that all the energy in the school has been sucked out by some boring, malevolent force.
There’s really nothing gravitating me towards Mountlake Terrace other than a desire to fix my broken grades that were neglected during Homecoming, football playoffs, and Macho Volleyball. If you’re encountering the same problems, try what I’ve found to be an excellent way to cope: complain.
It could be because the day is only about ten minutes long now. During summer it didn’t really get dark until eleven, and now it feels like bedtime at four thirty. This can do terrible things to one’s mood.
We’re also suffering from a relative chemical deficiency of Vitamin D, which our bodies absorb through exposure to sunlight. This affects disposition, and also causes rickets, which Forrest Gump had as a child. We have been collectively hit by rocks thrown by three bullies on bicycles.
If we’re not careful, we might not break out of this funk and win the Heisman Trophy, rescue Lieutenant Dan, play ping-pong, buy a shrimp boat, run, and finally marry Jenny like our friend did. Luckily, ASB has the answer! Just do as I say and everything will be awesome!
Football was fun. Though it ended abruptly, we got to witness the most successful season in Terrace history. It was great to see people going to games not only as some kind of social event, but to support a winning team playing important games. That feeling doesn’t have to end with getting manhandled by Central Kitsap.
Basketball is coming. It’s an even better environment, with no rain (actually the gym roof leaks so no guarantees), wind, or cold. The crowd also has a better opportunity to affect the game, sitting inches away from the court.
The first game is at home against Lynnwood on December 4. Come to the boys and girls games to watch the PPP races at halftime. Terrace students and basketball go together like peas and carrots.
November’s Most Helpful Staff Member to ASB is Mr. Sullivan. Not the awesome shop teacher from Brier Terrace, but the even awesomer choir director at Terrace. When Stew needed the National Anthem sung on short notice for the Veteran’s Day assembly, there was only one teacher willing and able to help.
His students consistently win competitions and awards all across the Northwest, and he has helped introduce hundreds of students to the History of Rock and Roll, and one of the two best instruments in the world, the guitar. He squished my sandwich last year and I wasn’t even mad.