A big thank you to all

By Principal Schwab

I am always a little bit sad on the Monday following Homecoming Week. After such an exciting and energetic week, the next week of school, while much calmer, makes me miss the enthusiasm that we all had. This year’s Homecoming was a great one. First off, let me thank our ASB and Stew for the amazing job they did planning all of the activities and dress up days. They also did a wonderful job planning a great assembly on Friday. I don’t know if you realize what a task it is to plan and execute a 90
minute assembly, but t hey pulled it off very well . Also the tailgate party at the school prior to the game was a great idea and a
fantastic way to celebrate our school spirit prior to the game. Thanks to all of you, our students, for the showing of school spirit last week. From your participation in the dress up days to the lunch time activities to Friday’s spirit day and assembly, you all did a great job representing all the makes MTHS such a great school. Your spirit and enthusiasm are much appreciated. While we may have had a few not so positive things to deal with on Friday (as we always seem to do) the majority of you kept the intent of Homecoming positive and for that, I thank you. Thank you to our teachers for their work to maintain an environment that focused on learning. While we get pretty revved up to celebrate Homecoming each year, we are still a school and our main focus is about learning. Our teachers did a great job keeping our focus on the reason we all come to school every day—learning. Not an easy task when you consider all the distractions that take place during Homecoming. Thank you to our football team for their
efforts on the field Friday night. What a great game. Our football team has done an outstanding job this year and regardless
of the outcome of the game, we are very proud of you and they way you represent us all so very well. You have given us a lot to cheer about this year and Friday night was no exception. And now it is on to the playoffs for the first time in Terrace history. What an accomplishment! Thank you to ASB for the great dance on Saturday night. Our dances are always great events and this year was another example of the outstanding work our ASB does to plan activities for students that are fun. The music, the decorations—everything was very well done. I also want to make sure that I thank our other fall sport athletes as well—Boys tennis is going to state, cross country is sending Michael O’Neill and Nina Penner to state, our volleyball team is in the playoffs. What a great fall season. Again, thanks to all of you for a fun week. We made some great memories and had a wonderful time.