Abortions: Preventing lives from being ruined

By Toby Sauceda

In 2005 roughly 16,800 abortions were performed due to cases of rape and 52,000 abortions due to cases of severe health problem for the fetus, solely in the United States according to an AGI Survey in 2005. Abortions are a necessary practice that hospitals must continue to do, not just because Jack forgot to wear a condom or Jill forgot the pill, but because sometimes it’s vital to have the procedure in order to keep the baby from suffering any longer.

Not all abortions are committed because the mother realizes, “Oh no, I have got to get rid of this baby before I lose too much income.”

Would you really expect an 11-year-old who had just been raped to live after giving birth? I sure wouldn’t. Child birth causes extreme stress on the woman’s body and negative mood swings during pregnancy, no woman should go through such an intense period because of a mistake.

You may be thinking with the whole mentality that abortions are the same as killing an innocent baby, but when exactly does the tiny egg in the womb become a “baby”? As far as I see it, first trimester abortions are no different than taking out your appendix. Birth control is no different than having an abortion, either way you’re preventing a child from being born.

There are those that would make the argument that all babies, no matter their stage of development, should get a chance at life. Do these people expect all men to cease masturbating eternally? It’s a ridiculous idea that has too many faults for it to make any real argument.

A woman is entitled to her own choice on if she should continue her pregnancy; after all, it would be her responsibility to raise the child if she went on with birth. It doesn’t matter if she abuses the system and has multiple abortions instead of birth control, it’s her decision.

Whether or not you believe abortions are moral, it should be of no concern to you since you are not accountable for raising all children.