Halloween Variety Show 2020

Welcome Boys and Ghouls to the MTHS Halloween Virtual Variety Show!

Virtual Halloween Variety Show

Enjoy this extravaganza of talent, featuring the following acts:

  • Caroline Erdey – dance
  • Sarah Strand’s Secondary Intensive Support Class – art, featuring:
    • Lulu Bainbridge
    • Justin Lewis
    • Mary Bolger
    • Derrick Krofchek
  • Haley Morris, Sophie Stelmack, & Hannah Fisker-Anderson – song “I Put A Spell On You”
  • Tabarak Abosabaa – “My Next Door Neighbor is a Witch” – short story
  • Dallin Brady – “Plague Doctor” costume design and Krista Blake –  “Haunted Mansion” original music
  • Halloween Art Gallery, featuring:
    • Aisling Little
    • Kimberly Nguyen
    • Mudabrah Amber
  • Anabelle Sumera-Decoret – “The Confrontation” from “Jekyll and Hyde” the musical

Thanks to the ASB, Drama Club officers, and adviser Jeannie Brzovic for hosting and producing this first-ever virtual variety show.