Talented English teacher joins forces with the drama department once again

By Hawkeye Staff

The drama department is at it again. After attracting hundreds of students and parents to their award-winning musical “Quilters” in March, they are currently working on a musical that will definitely provide enjoyment, laughter, and an amazing evening.

Opening in May, the musical “Back to the ’80s” is going to be “a fun kind of bubble-gum light play,” said English teacher Jon Ummel. Ummel, the only adult in the musical, is also the narrator.

Ummel plays Corey Palmer Sr., an “older version of someone who introduces scenes from the past.” Playing only a small role, Ummel sets up the scenes and the other actors “take over recreating what were my high school days, with the music and all the pop illusions and things like that.” Another character plays the younger Corey Palmer Sr., but is “not nearly as handsome as I turned out to be,” joked Ummel.

The entire play is an allusion on names and characters from the ’80s, explains Ummel.

“In the ’80s, Billy Ocean was popular, so it’s William Oshen High School… everything is an allusion.”

Popular songs from the ’80s such as “Hey, Mickey,” “Love Shack,” and “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” sung by the talented actors and actresses are sure to be an audience favorite.

With plenty of new students joining the seasoned actors and actresses, the play is certain to be a hit.