No food, no phones in the library

By Megan Resler

The library policy is currently no food, no phones.

Casey Meier, new MTHS Library Media Specialist said, “The function of a library is to provide a working and studying place. The phone isn’t involved with work or study.” Although library policy has was not revised at the start of the school year, new library management is enforcing it differently.

Phones are liable to be confiscated from students who do not comply with library policy; but students are allowed to listen to portable music devices in the library because they do not take away from a student’s ability to study.

“In my discussions with (Principal Greg) Schwab, he agrees that the library is a learning place with no phones,” Meier said.

In addition to no phones, no food is allowed in the library. It is acceptable to drink covered beverages at the tables, but not at the computers.

“In the past the library was where students could hang out, but that isn’t the district standard. Administration supports [this policy], I support it as well,” Meier said.