Democratic primaries heat up

By Theresa Van, Lifestyle Editor

Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont currently leads all candidates in the Democratic presidential primary race with 45 earned delegates following his victories in Nevada and New Hampshire. Sanders lost narrowly to former South Bend, Indiana, mayor Pete Buttigieg in the controversial Iowa Caucuses, where officials took days to name an official winner due to technical glitches with a new smartphone app that malfunctioned the day of the caucuses.

Looming large early this month are several significant primaries that will likely separate the leading candidates from those who have had difficulty gaining traction with voters. On March 3, 14 states host primary elections in what is commonly known as Super Tuesday. A week later, Washington state voters and five other states hold their primary elections, too.

As of press time, here are the delegate counts for those candidates who have earned delegates: Sen. Bernie Sanders – 45; Mayor Pete Buttigieg – 25; Vice President Joe Biden – 15; Sen. Elizabeth Warren – 8; Sen. Amy Klobuchar – 7. No other candidate has earned pledged delegates heading into Super Tuesday.

To become the Democratic Party’s nominee, a candidate needs 1,991 delegates. Note that 1,357 delegates are at stake on Super Tuesday. Washington state allots 89 pledged delegates. The total for March 10, when Washington, Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri and North Dakota vote, accounts for 352 pledged delegates.