Fundraiser aids band, potentially saves lives

By Frank Hume

Most people do not think twice if their street address is visible from the street and if it is well lit. Being able to see the street adrdress is useful for visitors to be able to find your house with relative ease.
Nobody thinks it will ever be a problem, because nothing bad could happen to them, but it could happen happen, and this is an easy step to take to better protect yourself.
If emergency services cannot easily identify your home address from the street, you could be putting yourself at risk. If you call 911 but they are not able to see your street address they may waste valuable time verifying which house is yours.
This could cause avoidable harm to you, your family, and your property.
The MTHS music boosters has a solution – they will be holding a fundraiser starting next week. For a payment of $10, students will stencil your home address on the curb in front of your house, using professional paint and stencils, so that your address will be easily seen from the street.
The MTHS music boosters is a non profit organization, all procedes will be used to benefit the education of music students.