PPP and Macho Volleyball

By Hawkeye Staff

Hi. I’ll get around to telling you about ASB stuff, but I can make your life significantly more interesting with this paragraph right here. I would like to share a mind-blowing experience with each and every one of you. Some of us ASB folks noticed this a while back. What I would like everyone reading this column to do immediately after school is go to the HUB and lie down on your back on top of the stage with your head facing the windows to the baseball field. Orient yourself so that your head hangs over a stair –your perspective will be flipped upside down. Then imagine the ceiling to be the floor, and the floor to be the ceiling. Your eyes
will get used to perceiving things this way. It will be really trippy. Think about how hard it would be to climb over the wall into
Stew’s office, or why people’s feet are sticking to the ceiling. Keep at it for a few minutes, and the effect will only be amplified. I
couldn’t be more serious when I tell you to do this immediately. November isn’t nearly as busy as October. There are only a few things to talk about. The Mountlake Terrace Macho Volleyball tournament takes place on Nov. 10. Signups are over, but admission to watch is free with an ASB card. And for those of you who are competing, don’t forget to show up and get thrashed
by The Abusement Park. The top two teams will advance to the Edmonds School District tournament on Nov. 12. Hopefully those Meadowdale teams graduated and our school has a chance to win the whole thing. The canned food drive runs through all of November. Along with the altruistic notion of helping others who are less fortunate in our community, we have cut-throat, combative and more effective motivation. The Pursuit of the Power Plunger basketball games and races are scheduled for December, but the canned food drive is the best way to win and stick it those Lynnwood kids and their shiny new school. We lost PP last year because we only brought in about 11 cans per student. We can do better than that. Winning isn’t everything, but it means that we donated more of our time and resources to others than Lynnwood High School did. ASB will be more active this year in pulling your ears and nagging, so I look forward to better results in 2009. October’s Most Helpful Staff Member to Big ASB has been long overdue for accolades. His resources and knowledge have made our lives considerably easier while planning assemblies. His magic cords make projectors work in the gym, and his cameras capture images and sounds that need to be expressed every member of our school. Mr. Comeaux and HBN deserve a pat on the back, and even more really nice computers in their room.