Coming back stronger than ever

By Matthew Hipolito

Hi, Terrace. It’s been awhile.

The hiatus we’ve been on has been one of the longest in The Hawkeye’s 34-volume history. During that time, news has been made and forgotten, and much of it is news we failed to cover.

But rest assured we have not been doing nothing. Quite the contrary—we have been hard at work fulfilling the promise we made to you in November. That promise—to shift our focus back to the MTHS community, where it belongs—is the driving force towards a number of sweeping changes we’ve made to the paper.

Perhaps the most striking change we’ve made is the one you’re looking at right now: we have overhauled our table of contents and inside cover. Come next month, the space this column occupies will feature the work of our amazing students and clubs. More so than that, the closing pages of this issue feature a full-color visual chronicle of a fantastic VR event that came to the school in early March. In the next months, you can expect to see many great events covered in this photo section. On the next page, you will find not only headlines about pertinent world news, but a list of upcoming events for students at this school and a short list of our favorites.

We’ve also started thinking more about how we convey our stories to you. Starting this issue, we intend to update our appearance. That means more infographics, clearer pages and more eye-catching designs.

We’re so excited for what we have in store for you in this issue, and we hope you are too. This issue is the first step towards better serving you, the community. We hope you think it’s the right one.