Fact or Fiction: Do Shape Ups really work?

By Vince DeMiero

Most people have probably heard of the Sketchers or Reebok Shape Ups shoes. The promise and advertisement for the shoes is to help a person lose weight. People can’t help but think, “Do these shape ups really work is this just a fraud?”

According to hubpages.com, the Shape Ups can tighten calves, legs and butt. They also increase cardiovascular health, improve posture and reduce the stress on the knees and ankle joints.

According to blisstree.com, Shape Ups are good for walking short distances and not on a treadmill since they are very weak on the ankles. Also to avoid wearing shape ups while running or lifting weights.

People who have arthritis shouldn’t wear Shape Ups because it may cause pain in the joints. According to geardiary.com, the American Council on Exercise found out that there is no difference between toning shoes, such as Shape Ups, than any other shoe.

The workers at the American Council of Exercise have done tests to see if the shoes would work. They had twelve physically active women ages ranging from nineteen to twenty-four. They had twelve five minute trials of walking on a treadmill. The researchers also had twelve more women between the ages of twenty-one to twenty-seven years that did the same exercise, wearing the same shoes but this trial measured six muscle areas.

Neither of the shoes had a major increase in either exercise or muscle activation during the treadmill trial. There was no evidence that showed that the shoes actually work.

Some People said that the shoes were worth the $100 while some said it’s a waste of money.