District asks students, staff to go green


By admin

The Edmonds School District has implemented a new policy of energy and other natural resource conservation.
This new policy has a goal of creating and sustaining a safe and healthy school environment through a long-term resource management plan. This plan reduces the use of energy, water and other natural resources, and encourages recycling among students and school staff. Students, teachers and staff must also be involved and educated on the importance of conserving natural resources, and to lessen environmental damage and climate change by using only what is needed.
A Resource Conservation Advisory Committee will be formed to oversee the effectiveness of the conservation efforts. This committee will meet quarterly and include Facilities and Custodial Services representatives, including a head custodian and administrators from elementary, middle and high school levels.
The conservation goals of the district are to “reduce the district’s demand for energy and water, avoid unnecessary utility costs, minimize the amount of waste of consumable materials, and promote conservation principles with all student sand district staff,” as stated in the Edmonds School District Resource Conservation Procedures 4600 R1.
Such conservation efforts include, adjusting the HVAC system every time there is an early dismissal, school is cancelled, bad weather, teacher workdays and other canceled activities or events. If a classroom is inactive for five minutes or more, lights must be turned off. Similar rules apply for hallways and schoolwork areas.
Water conservation is encouraged for staff and students, and specific water and irrigation techniques are being applied.
Students and staff are expected to recycle all clean paper, cardboard, plastic and glass bottles and jars, and aluminum as a means of reducing garbage volume and cost as well as associated greenhouse gases. Staff is expected to recycle batteries, printer and toner cartridges, projector bulbs, fluorescent lamps and electronics as needed and school waste is to be monitored requested for pickup over breaks.
For the complete list of conservation techniques Edmonds School District is implementing click here: Edmonds School District Board Policies & Procedures, 4600 and 4600-R1.