Bus accident damages teachers’ cars

By Hawkeye Staff

Edmonds School District bus number 60 slid on a sheet of ice, damaging 3 teachers’ parked cars on Monday, January, 3 2011 after school in the back southeast side of campus. A second bus, which arrived to pick up the students slid into the first bus according to MTHS teacher, Ms. Zeifman.
There were no injuries but there was approximately $2,000 worth of extensive damage to both Mr. Soods and Ms. Zeifmans cars whereas Mr. Brophys car was just scratched. “The school district’s insurance, will cover it because my car was parked.” stated Sood. Zeifman received a check from the district on January, 14 2011.
None of the teachers who owned the cars witnessed the actual event. Sood was at basketball practice and Zeifman came outside at 2:40 pm. “[I] didn’t see it. I had another teacher [who] said ‘Hey, you might want to come and look. I think your car got scratched up a little bit.’”
“A bus came around the corner, the driver slowed down, the bus lost traction and the bus slid into the three cars that were parked” said Brophy. “It slid and just kind of munched into them. Crashed is a little overstated” Zeifman reported, “ The ice had been there pretty much all day, so I think it was a little bit surprising that there wasn’t any sand put down before that, but the district’s stretched pretty thin on days like that where there’s lots of ice and I’m sure it’s on a need basis, the bottom line is nobody got hurt and cars can be replaced.” expressed Sood.