Lynnwood teens arrested for theft from gun store

By Nolan DeGarlais

Two teenagers were arrested for theft from a local gun store in Lynnwood on Sunday, Jan. 6, according to reports from the Lynnwood Police Department (LPD). Around 3:30 p.m. the two male suspects walked into Lynnwood Gun near the intersection of 208th St SW and Highway 99. While employees at the gun store were busy assisting other customers, the suspects reached beneath the glass display counter and grabbed several handguns. The suspects then quickly fled the scene, but not before being noticed by the store’s employees.

Although a store employee gave chase to the suspects and eventually confronted them, they continued to flee after dropping three stolen handguns on the ground. Police were also called to apprehend the fleeing teenagers.

“Responding officers, to include officers from the Edmonds Police Department, surrounded the area,” LPD Commander Sean Doty said in a press release the day after the arrests were made.

Ultimately, police were informed by a bystander of two young, male suspects hiding near a dumpster in the area.

“Officers located both suspects hiding by the dumpster trying to change their clothing,” Doty said. “Both were taken into custody without further incident.”

After being taken into custody, the suspects were identified by witnesses as the teenagers who stole the handguns from the gun store display case. An investigation confirmed that all three handguns stolen during the incident were recovered by the police.

The suspects were reported to both be 16-years-old and were arrested on charges of theft of a firearm, possession of a stolen firearm and unlawful possession of a stolen firearm. Additionally, both teenagers were found to have criminal histories, including former charges of assault, unlawful possession of a firearm and robbery.

“Two other subjects associated with the two theft suspects were also detained near the scene but were released pending further investigation,” Doty said.

Despite this incident, instances of burglary have been in a decline in recent years throughout Snohomish County. According to official Snohomish County crime statistics, 3,111 instances of burglary were reported in 2013 while only 2,290 were reported throughout the county in 2017.