#WeAreTerrace spreads school spirit on social media

By Meghan Park, Hawkeye Staff

School spirit has always been important in a school community, yet fostering such spirit can be difficult. Andy Nguyen, the public relations officer of the ASB Big Six, figured out a surprisingly simple idea to foster school spirit. Nguyen started the hashtag “#WeAreTerrace” in the 2017-2018 school year.

Nguyen decided to start the hashtag based on a sticker he saw outside of the school.

“I saw the sticker that said ‘Together we are Terrace’ and thought that it was worth spreading,” Nguyen said. “It was actually what made me think about joining the ASB, to spread this idea around.”

Since it started, many students from MTHS have used the hashtag on different social media platforms to share their accomplishments, news related to the school or fun pictures at school events. Along with this widespread use, students have found a deeper meaning in the hashtag.

“The hashtag means that we are one, equal and united,” Vanesa Estrada, the senior class ASB treasurer, expressed.

With the fight for equality echoing throughout the nation and the world, the hashtag is a reminder that  all equal within MTHS.

As #WeAreTerrace is used throughout the year, it is imperative to remember the purpose of the hashtag—to better connect all students of MTHS. So, as MTHS dives into the new school year, remember, #WeAreTerrace.