Glamour Day helps students find their homecoming look

By Emily Sallee, Hawkeye staff

With homecoming coming up on October 6, the Parent Teacher Student Association welcomed students to attend this year’s annual Glamour Day on Saturday, Sept. 22. The event took place in two sessions: A morning session from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. and then an afternoon session from 1 p.m.-5 p.m. Students took a bus from MTHS to the Ruby Room in Downtown Bellevue.

The Ruby Room is a nonprofit organization that provides formal wear for teens in financial need  across Washington state.

The establishment is filled with rows and rows of dresses ranging from bright and vivid Quinceañera dresses to those more sleek and monotone. Along with those dresses are towers of shoes and shelves of accessories.

“There’s no way that you can’t find something,” sophomore Katarina Balser said. “It’s overwhelming in a good way.”

From outside in Bellevue Square, pedestrians can look up  through a large window and they would be met with the happy faces sifting through an explosion of colors, sequins and rhinestones, all in order to find the dress right for them.

Katie Artz, the Community Outreach Director for the program, was present at the event.

“We try to just have it be a fun experience for the girls, not just showing up and getting a used dress,” Artz said.

Despite the prominent amount of women’s apparel, The Ruby Room also has a small men’s section.

The Ruby Room is able to provide this experience through donations. Any homecoming dresses that are not planned to be kept after the 6th would be gladly accepted by the Ruby Room and happily given back to those in need of them. The days that the Ruby Room accepts donations can be found here.