Combined choirs raise their voices at Quad Concert

By Erin Martino, Hawkeye staff

On Thursday evening, Mar. 8, choir students from elementary and middle school grades joined the MTHS Choir in the school gym and combined their voices to perform a series of songs in the SE Choir Quad Concert. It was the students’ third and final performance that week, and they brought the same energy towards the last concert as to the first.

Freshman Mauron Casa explained how the opportunity to sing with all the students made her feel. “Sometimes it’s intimidating because you think they’re better than you, but honestly, we are all the same level,” As Casa discovered, all the grades worked together to harmonize.

Sophomore Shaun Basteyns expressed similar feelings about singing with the younger students.

“It felt great because they’re really, really nice and they can actually sing really well. It kind of surprised us all because they only had 20 minutes of music classes a week,” Basteyns said.

The appreciation for the experience was also shared by younger students. Hailey Kahklen, a student from Hazelwood Elementary School, shared her insight about singing with the high school choir group. “I liked being able to see the other people sing. It was pretty cool,” she said.

Mountlake Terrace Elementary music teacher Nicole Harold felt her students did “awesome” and “really well” that evening.  She keeps her students busy with a variety of performances and workshops.

In February, her students did a workshop with the MTHS choir students and they also have an upcoming performance at a senior center. Harold’s teaching goals includes building confidence, especially encouraging soloists. “It’s really helpful when the high schoolers are there to be a support structure,” she explained.

Ending the show with a version of the song “Sing,” Basteyns took on a rap solo. A little timid at the start, she gained confidence as the audience cheered her on.

Reflecting on her solo, Basteyns said, “I really enjoyed that everyone is so supportive, and even if you know it wasn’t the greatest, everyone is reassuring you.” Basteyns’s example showed the ability to conquer stage fright and the combined choirs raised their voices on an energetic, confident endnote.