HBN invited to KING – TV taping of New Day Northwest

By Hawkeye Staff

HBN participated in different contests and conventions throughout the past school year. Last spring, when they sent in a daily five-minute announcement tape to the National Scholastic Press Association in order to compete against other school’s monthly broadcasts, they were honored with 5th place in the “Best of Show” contest at the national convention in Portland.

Word leaked out to other organizations, and Salwa Kyobe, an intern from King 5, invited HBN to be a part of the studio audience of the KING-5 show “New Day Northwest,” a daytime talk show featuring celebrities and people who are making a large impact on the world. HBN was also invited to tour the set afterwards.

“We love to have high schools on our show especially if they have programs at their school that focus on broadcasting and video production. We think that it is a great experience for high school students to get an idea of how a live show is taped and get them more interested and excited about this field and possible internships when they enter college,” Kyobe said. “We hope that Mountlake Terrace High School students will be able to compare how they thought a show is filmed and how [one] actually works. When you are watching a program on television it looks much different than being on the actual set.”

The show will begin taping at 10:15 a.m. next Wednesday and is expected to last until 11:30 a.m. on that same day at the studios on Dexter Avenue in Seattle, according to Salwa. The show airs that same day from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on channel 5.

“The students will be a part of the live audience and will contribute to the atmosphere of the show. Showing excitement and interest is key while being in the audience because it creates a better environment. At the end of the show Margaret will give a shout out to the students as well!” Kyobe said.

KING 5 doesn’t invite high school broadcasting networks often, but lately they’ve been inviting more and more.

Suzi Wiley, the audience coordinator for KING 5’s “New Day Northwest” said the Thanksgiving-themed episode will feature creative leftover turkey recipe ideas from a local chef, Saint Bernard dog guests, and information on the upcoming Macy’s Parade.

Wiley also hoped to reach out to high school TV production-type classes, to entertain them, and to let them consider what types of careers, such as video production or technical education, that they might want to pursue in film production.

Wiley said it’s harder in class to actually see what you’ve been talking about, but to literally be able to experience what you’ve been discussing in real life at the show helps you learn more about what TV production jobs would really be like.

Angelo Comeaux, who has been the instructor and adviser for HBN for the past seven years, said, “We’re always trying to build on our successes and get better and better.”

Producer and director for HBN, Lenna Fleetwood, has contributed enormously to HBN’s successes. Along with directing the daily shows and keeping the class in order, Lenna also directs, produces, and assigns stories and crew positions for the daily show and for field productions.

“I think being the audience of a live show will be an awesome experience for my crew members to learn and understand the business of production. I believe that Hawk Broadcast Network has worked very hard over the past couple years to maintain an image. This image being that we are one of few high school broadcasting programs that cannot only produce a quality five-minute news show every day, but create that show using modern technology similar to what’s used in the field and a crew that believes teamwork is key,” Fleetwood said.

Rachel Kiossovski, a senior who is also a member of this year’s HBN crew, shared her thoughts on the matter as well.

“I’m so happy that our class is going because it will really show us how broadcasting works in the real world,” she said.

Kiossovski just joined HBN this year, but she has already made a tremendous impact on the group, by attending school functions to record and help out at events, which would otherwise possibly deteriorate as not many people wish to lend a hand.

“I hope to just learn about how broadcasting actually works. I’m definitely excited to see the anchors and behind the scenes, because it’s those things that will give HBN examples of how we should be. So, I hope to take away the essence of what we should look like, in order to help us become more successful,” Kiossovski said.

HBN will be in the audience for 60 to 70 minutes. “We seat and re-seat people based on the best shot – sometimes one color shirt doesn’t look so great next to another color, or that really tall person needs to sit where he’s not blocking the person behind him, etc.,” Kyobe said, regarding seating arrangements at the show.

After the taping, host Margaret Larson will be staying for group pictures and to answer any questions the students have for her.

If you’re not able to watch the show you can follow up on the event by visiting www.king5.com/newday.