ASB’s Column

By Hawkeye Staff

Tis the season, yes everyone it’s that time of year!  The time of year where basketballs are bouncing, boys swimmers are swimming and wrastlers are wrastling (My grandfather used to say “wrastlin”) It’s also that time of year for our annual canned food drive and the “Pursuit of the Power Plunger” trophy is awaiting this year’s winner. The friendly competition was created 10 years ago by both schools Interhigh’s  to engage both schools in “friendly school rivalry.” Our PPP races will take place as always at the Winter Activities Assembly Dec. 3rd to see who battles Lynnwood.  The battle with Lynnwood and the PPP races are the focal point but what we do with the canned food drive is the real guts of what PPP is all about.

Let’s be frank, people in our community are just like everyone around the US, their hurting economically.  The canned food drive associated with PPP gives everyone a chance to give something back to the community by donating food or cash. One slim dollar bill buys 4 cans of food and gets your 3rd period class donuts from Evergreen Donuts if your class brings in the most food for that day. The drive starts Novemebr22nd and ends December 2nd. As far as the competition goes the canned food drive is worth 2 points and each PPP race is worth 1 point each. The races with Lynnwood will take place December 4th at Lynnwood High School during halftime of the Boys and Girls varsity basketball Games.

Lastly, I want to remind each other what a great community we do live in. As we move into the holiday season please keep in mind that this time of year can be rough on some folks. Our goal in ASB is to have an all inclusive high school where staff and students not only feel safe but  part of the MTHS family. If you see someone struggling give them a smile or ask how they’re doing. These gestures truly go a long ways to making someone feel better and most importantly part of a great place to come every day. On behalf of all members of our ASB I want to wish everyone a safe and restful winter break/holiday season. And don’t forget, even though school gets out for a couple weeks there are some great games and matches going on so check the school website for game times and dates.

And lastly I would be remiss if I didn’t congratulate everyone involved in fall sports and thank their coaches for their time and effort as well. All 6 of our fall sports had athletes make it to some part of the post season. We hope everyone enjoyed the excitement of these events and I am sure these events provided lasting memories for everyone.