At look at Men’s Basketball

It is no secret that Terrace’s men’s basketball team has been having a great season. But the real question is how well they have been doing compared to the other schools in the Edmonds School District and also compared to previous years.

To do this we decided to first show you how well the men’s basketball varsity team has been doing this year. We also included how well Terrace’s JV and C teams have been doing do far.

The data visualization below shows how many points Terrace has won/lost by for each game so far this season. If you hover over the bars you can also see what team the Hawks played against and also the final score.

We also decided to show how well Terrace’s Varsity team has done this year compared to years in the past during the regular season.

Finally, we decided to see how well this year’s Hawks Varsity team faces up to the other teams in the Edmonds School District so far this year.