Band ensembles join for first full concert

By Jackson Freund, Hawkeye staff

The MTHS concert band, starting with the MTHS jazz ensembles, kicked off the first full band concert of the year on Thursday, Nov. 9.

The full band started off with the song “In Heaven’s Earth” calming the audience, only to start the next song “Kentucky 1800,” waking the audience from the lull of the previous one with this loud and patriotic song.

Senior Maria Notario felt the setup was disorganized due to the large number of people involved.

“I didn’t really like how the concert was set up, combining the two bands,” Notario said. “I think it was an all around great concert either way.”

Trumpet player Freshman Alex Campanario called the concert “…kind of overwhelming and fun.”

“I liked how we sounded this early into the year,” sophomore Solomon Plourd said.

Solomon, who is in jazz band, started off the evening with an amazing show of his talent with the trumpet, having solos in a couple of the songs played.

“Being solo really puts yourself out there, but it’s really fun to play straight out from the heart.” Plourd said.

Although some members of band commented on how they felt the concert was disorganized, it seemed to have had a lasting effect on the participants and the audience, who couldn’t get enough of the music.