Shoe supports

By Hawkeye Staff

The reason why people wear shoe supports are mainly for foot, knee, or back pain. Shoe supports, or shoe insoles, have a soft, cushioned gel design so they can absorb shock when running or walking. These insoles are mainly used by athletes who run on a daily basis or for people who take their daily walk or jog.

Some people just use these insoles to make their shoes fit better on their feet, or if one leg is a little bit shorter than the other leg and they use the insole to balance themselves out.  The insoles can relieve pain in your feet, knee, and back.

The basic idea of this product was to decrease stress on the spinal structure by absorbing shock, and to prevent pain in other joints. There are some pros and cons about the shoe supports, though.

The pros are that they can be custom made, or pre made and held in a local drug store, they can help get through an injury, and they give additional cushioning to feet.  The cons are that they can be expensive, ranging from three hundred dollars, or about seven to thirty dollars at K-mart. They ruin the balance of the shoes, meaning that they are not necessarily supposed to be used in running shoes as they can ruin the shoe all together. They do not last that long.

If you are looking for good shoe insoles, research online for a good price so you don’t end up wasting about three hundred dollars on them. You can look for some at Wal-Mart or Costco, and they would be at a better price compared to specially made shoe supports online.

A person could buy memory foam insoles, and they would be cheaper, but they would fall apart sooner. The memory foam insoles generally last from about one to three weeks, as compared to a gel insole that lasts from ten to fifteen months.

The gel insoles are better in this case, but they are hard to keep in place at times. are said to have great shoe insoles due to the many positive testimonials, fans’ comments, and reviews.

A comment by one of the fans wrote to them, and later put on the site, said: “…There are a lot of products on the market that say they can heal the pain. HTP not only says they will heal the pain, they back it up with a product that works….”

Not only do they have insoles, but they have helpful stretching videos on their site as well. To know which one is right for your feet, try both and see if they help after a while.