Obesity Deaths

By Nazia Khan

Obesity is a growing epidemic throughout the world. Hundreds of people in the United States are obese and are dying from obesity and the diseases that come with obesity.

Obesity is the second preventable cause of death in the United Sates. According to getamericafit.org, sixty million people in the United States that are twenty years or older are considered to be obese.

Also, nine million kids and teens that are from six to nineteen years of age are overweight. Being overweight or obese can give people a higher risk for bad health conditions and diseases such as breast cancer, coronary heart disease, and type II diabetes, sleep apnea, gallbladder disease, osteoarthritis, colon cancer, hypertension and stroke.

In 2004, four hundred thousand deaths were caused by obesity and overweight as stated in docnews.diabetesjournals.org. According to cdc.gov in 2009, Mississippi had the highest state obesity rate percentage at 34.4 percent, with Louisiana taking second place with thirty percent and Tennessee at third with 32.3 percent. Kentucky took fourth place with 31.5 percent, fifth place goes to Oklahoma with 31.4 percent, West Virginia with 31.1 percent in sixth place, and Alabama with 31.0 percent in seventh place.

According to bariatric-surgery.info, for a moderately obese person, their life could be shortened between two to five years. For a white male between the ages of twenty and thirty with the body mass index of forty five or higher, their life expectancy would be around thirteen years shorter, while women would have around eight years shorter life expectancy.

African- American male’s who are twenty and thirty years of age with the body mass index of forty five or higher would have around twenty years shorter in their lives and women would have around five years shorter life expectancy.

Obesity is amplifying widespread all over the world. Obesity is also preventable. Through a balanced diet, and light to moderate exercise everyday or close to everyday, (thirty minutes to an hour) obesity won’t be a worry for the future.