Cumulative student fines, fees exceed $36 thousand

By Annika Prom, Lifestyle Editor

Total fines and fees of MTHS students have reached over $36 thousand.

Fines manager Sandy Merten conducted the annual report of cumulative fines of the student body, which added up to $36,678.53 as of around noon today.

This number incorporated class fees from the last school year which has been converted to fines. Fees are classified as dues that need to be paid, but if they are unpaid by the end of a school year, they are then considered a fine.

Merten’s fines report includes ones that have followed students throughout the years, including those from elementary. According to her, most of these fines consist of class fees, Chromebook insurance, library late fees and unreturned textbook fees.

Comparatively, the October fines report from last year amounted to about $41 thousand, meaning the total amount owed has lowered this school year.

Until fines are paid off, students are not permitted to engage in extracurriculars, field trips, school sports activities or school dances.

“I encourage students to look for those lost books and to go online and check if they have fees and fines so we can get it taken care of,” Merten said.

Lists of students who owe fees or fines have been posted in the display case by the HUB and in the display case by the fines office. They can also be checked on a student’s personal Skyward account.