Jazz 1 starts year with annual company picnic performance

By Annika Prom, Lifestyle Editor

Jazz Ensemble 1 (Jazz 1) put their new lineup to the test at a performance at the annual Harsin Wealth Management company picnic at Edmonds City Park on Saturday, Sept. 9.

The band showcased an assortment of genres, such as ballads and standard style Latin swing. Simultaneously, a girl’s fifth birthday party was held nearby, attracting a magician and Spiderman to the area where Jazz 1 performed.

Band director Darin Faul believes it’s “good to have a gig the first week of school.” He enjoys attending this gig yearly as it helps Jazz 1 build experience and “adds to the wondrousness of the event.”

“It’s good to have a gig the first week of school,” Faul said. “We learned a lot about ourselves today [and] our tendencies.”

After seeing the new abilities and chemistry of Jazz 1 for this school year, Faul feels confident in the band’s potential to grow.

“I think we will go from where we are and get better. The band’s gonna be good,” he said.

Junior tenor sax Ben Leonard had his first experience playing with not only Jazz 1, but in a Terrace band as he transferred from Kamiak High School this year.

“[The band is] the reason why I transferred here because the people here really care about jazz,” Leonard said. “It was a pretty easy transition [transferring to MTHS] but I don’t know many people [except] the band.”

Leonard is getting accustomed to life at Terrace by eating lunch with the band.

“Everyone here is super supporting and we hang out here and jam all the time,” he said. “The band community is super welcoming.”

Leonard, along with the rhythm section, was invited to compete in the Mukilteo Battle of the Bands later that day. The group, featuring senior vocalist Abbie Apana, formed the Terrace Funk Combo to compete at the Mukilteo Rosehill Community Center. The combo won the 2017 Battle of the Bands, along with Best Drummer and Best Vocals.

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