Plan now for the events of a month of Hawk spirit

By Hawkeye Staff

Hi. How are you? Wait, that’s a pretty loaded and thought-provoking question. Just read the rest of this article to find out about cool stuff at Mountlake Terrace.
A pleasant surprise this year has been the varsity football team. They aren’t bad at all; in fact they are quite good. While I’ve seen more fans at football games than in previous years, it could still be better. Even if you don’t like football, you can yell at the cheerleaders, buy candy, or just talk to people.
The last couple weeks of October are the biggest event of the school year: Homecoming. What is Homecoming? No one knows. But for a few days it becomes socially acceptable to wear costumes to school. It’s okay for 300 students to get together and yell about themselves. For a day, no one cares about anything but what color you’re wearing. A little weird, but a lot awesome.
Coronation is a process by which the school identifies who the coolest, nicest, best people are, gives them sashes, and slaps them metaphorical high-fives for a few days. It takes place on Wednesday, Oct. 21. It kicks off Homecoming Week(s).
The next few school days are when you do as the posters in the HUB say. ASB picks a few random dress-up spirit days leading up to Thursday’s class theme day and Friday’s class color day. The assembly and game take place on that Friday, Oct. 30. We’re playing Kamiak. If you can’t find a way to drum up some animosity towards our neighbors in Mukilteo, I have some ammunition for you: the average KHS student probably has a nicer car than you. If you’re too young to drive, then their cars are probably better than the ones you get rides in.
The dance is the next day, which happens to be Halloween. Spooooooooky!
Macho Volleyball is in November and therefore somewhat inapplicable to this column, but it takes time to get a team together and practice a little bit. It’s a male volleyball tournament, by the way. Talk to someone in Interhigh. Any teams formed will have the honor of competing for second place to The Abusement Park, an unstoppable bumping, setting, and spiking machine that I am a member of.
September’s Most Helpful Staff Member to Big ASB has dealt with many hardships incurred by the six of us. We borrowed his stapler, broke it, fixed it, and as far as I know, have yet to return it. While others may have reacted poorly and set fire to our office, he has handled it like a champ. Thanks, Mr. Brophy.
I feel like I can improve the health and happiness of the student body with just a few words here: Don’t be afraid of Neti Pots. They’re a non-medicinal cold treatment. Here’s how they work: You pour warm water through one nostril into your sinus cavity, let it exit through the other nostril, and then blow your nose. It’s amazing. Don’t be a wuss. Buy one right now.