Letter to the editor

By Hawkeye Staff

Dear editor:

As a senior our last homecoming means more than the world to us, and it feels as if it has been snatched from us. Many of us feel like having the senior meeting the morning of the assembly knocked down our spirit level. Half of the information they told us applied only to the people attending college, we already knew, or it could’ve been emailed to us. For all three years of school, you look up at the stands, and think “I can’t wait to be up there.” We work hard to get to our senior year, and that is the one of the highlights of it. Also choosing a week that had no school on Friday knocked our spirit down more, we had to wait 24 hours to get pumped again to defeat Everett. At the assembly there was no video of the sports teams. And rumors that no one wanted to even do the light show. There were also not a lot of teachers who wanted to be a (dance) chaperone, and we already had to cancel our first dance due to the same problem. The DJ we hired for the homecoming dance was a joke, he played songs that should be on Kidz Bop. I would have to say that this is the worst homecoming I’ve experienced when it should have been the best. Of course we all still had fun, but seniors were robbed some of their spirit.

Alesha Chamness