ASB class officers elected for 2017-2018 school year

By Annika Prom, Lifestyle Editor

Elections for Associated Student Body (ASB) class officers for the next school year were held on Wednesday, May 3rd during PASS. Sophomore and senior election results were determined later that day, but junior class elections were held again on Thursday, May 4th during PASS due to a voting error that allowed students to vote multiple times.

The new sophomore officers for the class of 2020 are president Ciara Laney, vice president Morgan McCraney, secretary Preston Thrush, treasurer Jonathan Kwong and representatives Dzana Ducanovic and McKenna Mortensen.

Next year’s junior officers for the class of 2019 include president Bruno Porras, vice president Erica Lampers, secretary Ishika Nayyar, treasurer Semira Beraki and representatives Christian Todorakev and Nicole Phu.

The class of 2018 senior class officers are president Chase Alberts, vice president Ryan Berry, secretary Nina Berry, treasurer Corey Takeya and representatives Samuel Bowman, Eliza Sandoval, Patrick Thrasher, JP Galeno, Alex Pidgeon and Mallory Stewart.

Last month, the Executive ASB, better known as the Big Six, members were also elected for the following school year. The Big Six is made up of junior Brianna Houtman as president, junior Rosie Lee as vice president, junior Samantha Garcia-Perez as secretary, sophomore Andy Shaw as the public relations officer and sophomore Kennedy Cooper as historian.

However, no student ran for the sixth executive position as treasurer. The position is currently on hold and the candidate will be elected during the next school year.