Freshmen elect officers

By Hawkeye Staff

Freshman filter into the gym, they scatter themselves amongst the bleachers with friends by their sides all waiting with curiosity and anticipation for the start of one of their first official high school events, elections. Freshman class elections took place Sept. 15, in the Terraceum.

“I wanted to get involved in the school.  It’s hard to enjoy school when you’re not actively a part of it.  As one of the freshman class officers, it should be our goal to get every freshman excited about coming to school,” AnhViet Nguyen said. “To be honest, it was a little discouraging to see so few freshmen interested in running during class elections.”

To run for any candidacy in school elections a petition signed by your peers must have been turned in by the Sept. 14.

Originally eight people had signed up to run but only six had turned in their petitions. The due date for petitions was then extended till noon on the Oct. 18. During this extended period of time eight more people had registered to run.

“I was the president of Brier Terrace,” Marissa Gilbraith said. “I like having a say and being involved.”

Official school elections have already commenced and the four main offices have already been filled. Marissa Gilbraith was elected class president, Anhviet Nguyen vice president, Nancy Nguyen secretary, and Trung Banh treasurer.

For the 10 students who turned in their petition after the original date, there was another election held on the Oct. 21 during first and second lunch.

Seven out of the 10 new candidates were elected to fill the seven representative spots.