Recognized biologist, nuclear scientist visits to recruit for summer workshop


Harper Thomas

Nuclear scientist Manoj Pratim Samanta paid a visit to the MTHS theater during PASS period to inform students on his summer workshop that will be held in July at the Bellevue College. His introductory presentation covered topics such as DNA coding and STEM cell modification.

By Stephi Smith, Executive Editor

Recognized biologist and nuclear scientist Manoj Pratim Samanta, who received his Ph.D. in Electrical engineering visited MTHS during PASS today to speak with STEM students about share information about his workshop this summer. The workshop, Coding for Medicine, will be held at Bellevue College in July and is aimed toward high schoolers seeking a career in medicine.

During his presentation, he showed videos to explain the kind of research students will do at his workshop, from working with nature in the Puget Sound to robots around the campus.

He explained the kind of biological and scientific skills one could gain from learning how to code at the workshop.

“They try to build the genome from all its little pieces, like a puzzle,” Samanta said about DNA barcoding.

He continued, walking students through biological processes and their importance throughout the world.

“The parts [of the human body] that are the same means they haven’t changed through evolution, which means they are important,” he said.

He invites any student who is at all interested in learning about DNA coding and medicine to look into registering for his workshop.

Hawkeye staff members Marianne Nacanaynay and Teresa Bonilla helped with this article.