Gunshots heard Sunday morning, investigation ongoing


Stephi Smith

MLTPD officers heard several gunshots Sunday morning as they prepared for duty. There are currently no suspects or victims reported, but an investigation is underway.

By Stephi Smith, Executive Editor

After hearing several gunshots, the Mountlake Terrace Police Department (MLTPD) is investigating what occurred on Sunday morning in the 4400 block of 237th Place Southwest.

Officers were preparing for their day when they heard distinct gunshot noises at approximately 5:25 a.m. Shortly afterward, several calls came in from community members nearby to report the incident. Because of these calls, MLTPD Commander Doug Hansen said officers were able to pinpoint the exact location of where the shots came from.

There were no victims as of noon Monday and no reports of any suspects or vehicles relating to the incident.

Hansen could not clarify exactly how many shots were fired, but officers did find seven shell casings in the road.

While many reported hearing the noise, there are no eyewitnesses that have come forward.

“It’s unfortunate, because people heard the noise, but no one saw it,” Hansen said.

Hansen encourages anyone who may have seen or heard something relating to the incident to call the MLTPD and report so.

The Hawkeye will continue to update its readers with information as it comes in.