How to beat the winter doldrums

By Samantha Svikel

 At Home

1. Gather a few friends and make a gingerbread house, it isn’t too late!

2. Make new family ornaments for the following year

    a. Gather materials at Michaels or Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores

        i. Go to the                    craft store                  and buy a                  new                              stocking for              next year and            decorate it.

        ii. Valentine’s           day is just                   around the           corner, there             are lots of                   “DIY” cards on         Pinterest for             friends and               family.

3. Have a Netflix            marathon with a      friend

    a. Perhaps                 include:

        i. Hot chocolate

        ii. Cookies

        iii. Popcorn

        iv. Chips


1. Check out the current sales at the   

    a. Alderwood Mall, or

    b. Seattle outlet

    c. Target

2. Tips to get the best deals

    a. Shop in the men’s and women’s section

    b. Have a general goal in mind when walking into a store

    c. Have a budget planned before the trip

    Keep in mind that prices add up quickly.

Other activities

1. Ice skating is always a fun alternative to roller skating

    a. Lynnwood Ice Center

        i. Prices:

            • Kids 5 & Under: Free Admission

            • Youth Ages 6-12: $6

            • General 13 & Older: $7

            • Seniors (55 & Older): $6

            • Skate Rental: $3

3. Roller skating is year round,       gather a few friends and               check it out.

    a. Wednesday: all ages – $7-               6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

    b. Friday: teen night – $11-                 7:30 p.m. to 11 p.m.

        i. $3 extra if purchasing                   inlines

4. Just because winter break is       over, we still have a few months where it is possible to get snow. Build a snowman with some friends and have fun. Maybe have a snowball fight or find a hill to sled on.

5. There’s always the classic option of going outside.

    a. Go for a walk. Maybe walk a different route or bring a pet.

    b. Take some pictures of the outdoors for social media, such as Instagram or                               Snapchat.

6. Another activity is exploring Seattle’s MOPOP Museum – formerly known as the EMP.

    a. Adults (18-64)- $25

    b. Senior (65+)- $22

    c. Student (with ID)- $22

    d. Military (with ID)- $19

    e. Youth (5-17)- $16

    f. Children (4 and younger)- Free

    g. Members- Free

    i. The Star Trek museum is an extra $5 with basic admission.

       Children are still free.