Weather-related collision outside MTHS

By Stephi Smith, Executive Editor

Two cars crashed into each other this morning outside MTHS and blocked the intersection leading to the campus entrance after skidding on black ice.
The crash occurred sometime during first period, according to Principal Greg Schwab, causing many students to arrive late to their second period.
Principal Greg Schwab was not at school during the crash, due to a district meeting, but he said he knew that students were not involved and it was weather-related.
Students who were late to their second period due to traffic because of the incident were excused and Schwab explained that any student who did not excuse their tardy may have it excused through the front office.
The Snohomish Sheriff twitter account tweeted “icy roads resulting in several collisions this AM. Remember to slow down and give yourself extra time for the commute. #DriveSafe” this morning at 6 a.m. before the collision.