Terrace hosts trombonist Jiggs Whigham for jazz performance

By Harper Thomas, Hawkeye Staff

On Thursday, November 10, the Mountlake Terrace Jazz bands hosted jazz musician Jiggs Whigham who traveled from Germany to play in one of the best jazz concerts held in this school’s theater. Full of energy, both jazz bands fed off of the presence of Whigham, an eager audience and the growing anticipation of hopes to go to Essentially Ellington this year in New York.

Jazz 2 opened the concert with two songs, leading into the introduction of Jazz 1 with Jiggs Whigham. The large audience enjoyed interacting with Whigham who cracked multiple jokes and answered questions from the audience.

After only a day of working with Whigham, Jazz 1 played six large numbers with the band along with a smaller combo of students.

The jazz students were inspired by Whigham and the day they had all spent together. Several students in particular had especially moving experiences with the Whigham clinic. One, senior Andrew Sumabat, connected with Whigham through a mutual love for jazz and the trombone.

“This was life-changing,” Sumabat said when asked about his experience with Whigham. “In the short time I got to know him, he changed my perception about how music can affect my future and my life.”

Whigham also reflected his pleasure with the success of the event.

“They were all really into the music and they played it with their hearts,” Whigham said.

The night full of fun jazz music concluded with buzzing discussion outside of the theater, full of students and parents eager to get a chance to talk to Whigham. Whigham graciously met every individual, greeting them with left-handed handshakes due to a wrist problem that he played through the concert with.

The dedication to the music once again radiated from the students and was magnified through Whigham as their guest director. The passion for jazz continues to grow within the bands as the year continues.

The jazz bands will be performing again on Jazz Night, held on January 12.