Teenage depression becoming more common

By Michelle Schomer

Depression has become more  common amongst teenagers, but what are the reasons for teens to feel depressed?

According to teendepression.org, approximately 20 percent of teens will experience depression by the time they become an adult.

Depression socially affects four out of one hundred teens each year. According to the same website from above, it’s hard to tell if a teen is depressed since our moods are always changing.

There are ways a teen could become depressed, like the death of somebody close, or even a bad break up with a boyfriend or girlfriend.

If somebody has low self-esteem, is very judgmental of themselves or somebody who feels like they have little sense control over bad or hard situations are at higher risk at suffering from depression.

At any one time, 10 to 15 percent of teens will experience signs of depression. Teens could also suffer from depression by the death, divorce or remarriage of a parent, as well as child abuse, unstable care giving, poor social skills, a family history of depression or even a chronic illness.

Teens have also become depressed after abusing substances, such as drugs and alcohol. It could also affect somebody if they have to move to a new place and start a new life.

If there is depression history in somebody’s family, then there is a possibility that they could suffer from depression, even if there is nothing wrong with their life. The problem could just be genetic link, although not all teens with the history will inherit that gene.

A family with many problems that a teen is unable to handle could cause low self esteem, but it all depends on how well the person can deal with the problem, which could cause them to abuse substances to get away.

The substances would change some chemicals in their brain and change their moods.

Are there more things than just school and homework making teens depressed?

The answer is yes, in realty there are many more things that can depress a person.