A good laugh has its medicinal benefits


By Hasna Hussein

Heidi Lara-Flores | HAWKEYE

Whether laughter helps people live longer has been questioned by many. But research suggests laughter is helpful to mental health and the way people deal with stress and worry.

Researchers found that the average adult laughs approximately 17 times each day. It is estimated that a healthy laughing session can be equal to several minutes on a rowing machine or an exercise bike.

The reason why it hurts when someone laughs is because, in fact, that person is actually exercising. The real power of laughter is that it can help get rid of bad emotion, so dealing with any situation will be easier and less stressful.

Laughter research has shown that humor and especially laughter can help keep people’s bodies strong and disease resistant. There is always going to be stress in people’s every day life, but there are ways of getting rid of sadness with a little humor.

So, go out and see a comedy film, or play a funny game with friends. The more humor there is in someone’s life, the better the chance they’ll have of living a longer and happier life.

Some research suggests that laughter and happiness can boost the immune system.

There is a difference between harmful humor and healing humor. Healing humor usually has some sort of movement that is amusing to everyone in a positive way.

The harmful humor is when a person is putting another down by laughing at them. Remember this, no matter how sad you are: a smile can make it go away.

One thing that a person should always remember is that no matter how bad or stressful a situation can be, people can make the situation easier if they just see the good side to it.