Students get dolled up for Glamour Day

Some of the dresses given away on Glamour Day.

The MTHS Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) invited students to play dress-up for the free Mother Daughter Glamour Day on Saturday, Sept. 24. The event, put on by the PTSA, was held from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m in the MTHS HUB.

The third annual Glamour Day served as an opportunity for students try on and take home free Homecoming dresses and shoes. To get everyone in spirit for Homecoming, hair and nail tutorials, Henna and raffle prizes were also offered at the event.

Junior Katryna Garza volunteered under the MTHS Honor Society.

“Some girls are not able to buy dresses of their own so having them given out and people bringing in dresses to give out to other people is really nice,” Garza said.

She facilitated the event by helping students change into their dresses and organizing clothing racks.

Garza also appreciated that the event was specialized for Homecoming, she said.

“[Homecoming is] important because it gives our school time to celebrate each other and get glammed up for one another,” Garza said.