Band program starts up Open Mic sessions for all

The first “Open Mic” session of the year was held in the MTHS band room during PASS on Friday, Sept. 23. There will be various Open Mic events throughout the school year, hosted by band teacher Darin Faul.

“[The Open Mic] is not open to just music students,” Faul said. “It’s an opportunity to showcase skills.”

Various small groups that practiced on their own time took the stage. Guidance counselor Brad Serka could be found in the audience with the intent of bringing his guitar to a future session.

The intent of the Open Mic was an opportunity for the band to preview a handful of songs the band will play at the upcoming band concert on Tuesday, Sept. 27.

Senior Finn O’Hea changed up his group’s band performance by also vocalizing during the song.

Professional musician and saxophone teacher Mark Taylor closed up the Open Mic with a performance of “Black Bottom Stomp” by him and a few select music students.

“Knowing they were going to do this today, I hung around to lend an extra ear and a hand so I can help them get ready for their concert,” Taylor said.

Taylor hopes to work with the band to “tighten up some parts of the tunes” and polish up some musical pieces.

“As early as it is in the school year I think that [the band is] playing a lot of cool music and that they’re actually getting started in the performance process earlier than [previous] years,” Taylor said.

The next Open Mic is set to be on Friday, Oct. 14 during PASS in the band room. Future Open Mic dates will be set by Faul.