Car stolen, three more vandalized on campus in past week

By Megan Resler

Satherwhaites car after being broken into Sept. 16 while at the school parking lot.
Navarre Kerr/Hawkeye

Satherwhaite’s car after being broken into Sept. 16 while at the school parking lot.

During the past week, four student automobiles, parked on campus, were subject to criminal activity.

On Thursday Sept. 10, senior Simon Miller’s ’96 Mitsubishi Eclipse was stolen from the front row parking spot it was occupying in the north side of the student parking lot.

“When I went outside and realized my car was stolen I went and talked to (Campus Resource Officer) Heidi (Froisland) and she didn’t believe me, so we went out and checked together. She said there was a tiny chance of getting it back,” Miller said.

School officials issued no announcement of the car theft, and it wasn’t until Sept. 16 when three student vehicles were reported broken in to, that any administrator commented on the situation.

“As kids were walking out of the building after school today, educational assistant Jerry Myers told them what happened,” Assistant Principal Scott Morrison said. “Tomorrow morning he (Myers) will be sitting in the parking lot, in the corner where most of this happened, telling students, ‘Hey this is where stuff got ripped off.’”

Navarre Kerr/Hawkeye

“We’re putting in additional security measures tomorrow,” Officer Froisland said.

Sometime between the middle of advisory and first lunch, senior Todd Satterthwaite had roughly $850 worth of sound equipment taken from his ’89 Honda Civic, including an Alpine stereo, two 12” dual subwoofers, and an amplifier.

“I went to (Assistant Principal Scott) Morrison then (Officer) Heidi (Froisland) then they told me to fill out a theft report,” Satterthwaite said. “They said they couldn’t do anything about it. But luckily the battery (in his car) was dead so if (the thieves) did actually try to take the whole car it wouldn’t run.”

A Honda Prelude SI, parked in the front row of the student parking lot near the trees, belonging to senior Ben Winters was also broken into on Sept. 16 and approximately $500 worth of stereo equipment was stolen.

“My girlfriend found out my car was broken into before me, so she went in the school and filled out a police report,” Winters said.

“I don’t have theft insurance,” Winters said.

Junior, Jackie Quirante was also victim to automobile theft on Sep. 16 between second period and first lunch, when her ’92 Acura Integra was broken into and about $200 worth of stereo equipment was stolen. Her car was parked in the same area as Miller’s, Satterthwaite’s, and Winters’.

“I don’t know if my car insurance will cover this… my parents don’t know either,” Quirante said.

Navarre Kerr/Hawkeye

“It just sucks because a lot of other people’s cars are being broken into and they’re (school officials) not taking any steps toward preventing that,” Quirante said. “I was talking to Morrison, kind of joking, about how we should get cameras and stuff, and he was like ‘yeah, budget cuts this year really limit that.’ The whole thing is kind of ridiculous.”