Thank you

Thank you! Thank you to all the graduating seniors who put themselves out there and took a chance the last four years. You took a chance at being part of any one of our 40-plus co-curricular activities available for students at MTHS. It takes a lot of guts to attach your name to a team roster with your peers that performs or competes and has the chance of success or in some people’s eyes, failure. In my eyes the girls fastpitch team is the same thing as drama. Both groups have a coach that must prepare their team for success. The volleyball team and the Hawkeye, Jazz 1 and Competitive Cheer, I can go on and on. My point? When you were a freshman at orientation we challenged you to find something you love here and go for it. Don’t be that person who wonders what happened the last four years, GET INVOLVED! So now ask yourself, “Self, did I?”

To those of you who tried out for a team, a play or ran for an office. To those who stood out in front of a store freezing your hind quarters off to help the MLT Food Bank or cheered on your friends at a girls soccer match. Or supported them at their musical performance in the theater. Or maybe you were the ones competing at the DECA or journalism conventions or robotics competition knowing you were representing MTHS. Thank you. Without those of you who did get involved and inspired others to get involved, where would we be?

On June 13 and 16 Principal Greg Schwab and I will have the pleasure of acknowledging only a handful of those senior students who did get involved and made a difference. And to all of you who did take a chance and did get involved, thank you and best of luck to you. Η

Note: Hawkeye provides the MTHS Athletics and Activities office space each issue in the Op/Ed section as part of our mission as a designated open public forum.