The Distracted Scholars give a sneak peek of their performance for nationals

MTHS’s Distracted Scholars performed a preview of an upcoming show on Tuesday, June 7 during fifth period in the theater.

The Distracted Scholars is a group of theater students who were handpicked by drama teacher Jeannie Brzovic. The group consists of sophomores Abbie Apana and Paul Pratt, as well as seniors Sage Cameron, Kyle Henderson and Kimi Fenn.

They have been selected to represent Washington state at a national theater conference in Nebraska on Saturday, June 25. There, they will perform “The Distracted Scholars’ Guide to Literature and Drama.” Only one school is chosen from each state to perform at this event.

Prior to being chosen, the Distracted Scholars performed at Central Washington University at the Chapter Select Show. After winning there, they will advance onto nationals.

Their eccentric performance includes many skits that guide the audience through different types of literature from different time periods. They covered scenes from Greek tragedy and comedy, medieval ages, Renaissance, Age of Enlightenment and gothic romanticism.

“It was also chosen because it was a challenge because the show had so many characters,” Fenn said.

The Distracted Scholars demonstrate an amazing chemistry with each other due to being friends.

“Comparatively to the other choices we had, we figured it would be more fun for this group of people to perform this show,” Pratt said.

Performing in front of this audience gives room for the Distracted Scholars to accept feedback and improve for their show at nationals.

“We’re very grateful that some classes from our school came to watch our performance and giving us a chance to interact with an audience again,” Fenn said.

Henderson is already dedicating his free time to rehearsing his monologue for the festival. The Distracted Scholars will continue to practice hard until they depart for Nebraska on Monday, June 20.

“We won’t come back if we don’t win,” Pratt said. “Quote me on that!”

The Distracted Scholars hope for a great performance at the national conference.

“We will make you proud, Washington state thespians!” Fenn exclaimed.