Drama closes the 2015-2016 school year with “Almost, Maine”

Pete, played by James Gisle, and Ginette, played by Annelise Johnson, portray a couple sharing a heartwarming moment.

With the final play of the year, the MTHS drama department performed “Almost, Maine” in the theater at 7 p.m. each night from Thursday, June 2 through Saturday, June 4.

Despite the current summer heat, “Almost, Maine” was set in a chilly winter atmosphere.

“Almost, Maine” consists of many scenes, all of which are a series of love stories set in a modern day time period. The tales all occur within the same night and are located in the fictional town of Almost.

Many actors and actresses in this production portrayed multiple roles.

The curtain opened with Pete and Ginette, played by sophomores James Gisle and Annelise Johnson, awkwardly sitting on a bench together. Ginette lovingly states that they are close as possible in that moment. Pete refutes, saying the further the distance between them, the closer they are together. Irritated, Ginette continually moves away from Pete and the stories begin.

Each scene revolves around a set of characters, all of whom discover or re-encounter love together.

Since rehearsing this play, senior Haley Wiseman feels she has become more comfortable and natural onstage. According to Wiseman, she is very glad to have played Marvalyn and Marci in her last school production.

Wiseman believes “Almost, Maine” will allow the audience to relate to it, regardless of whether or not they have experienced love before.

“Love comes in mysterious ways,” Wiseman said.

Although nervous, Gisle’s acting improved thanks to drama teacher Jeannie Brzovic’s advice on how to sound less monotone, he said. He bonded with his many costars by rehearsing in his free time.

“We text and practice over the phone,” Gisle said.

At the end, the play concluded after Ginette travels across the land, reaching Pete once again.

Wiseman and Gisle hope “Almost, Maine” has allowed the audience to learn that relationships are difficult and that love comes in many different forms.