Fight broken up by MTHS, staff member injured

One staff member was injured yesterday afternoon when he and a fellow staff member restrained two students who were fighting, according to information released by school administrators today.

Toward the end of sixth period, June 7, there was an “altercation involving two students,” according to a letter principal Greg Schwab sent out this morning to staff members.

Health and physical education teacher Russ Vincent and history teacher Adam Bazant intervened to help break up the altercation, Schwab said.

Vincent “sustained some injuries” as he held back a student. He was later evaluated by paramedics and and was to follow up with medical attention today as well.

Police were contacted and the students involved were removed from MTHS until further notice, according to Schwab.

Schwab stressed that rumors should be kept to a minimum and he wants the MTHS community to “please discourage such rumors.” He said the rumors currently circulating are not helpful to the situation, the students and the staff involved.

Schwab also thanked Vincent and Bazant in the staff letter.

“I very much appreciate [Vincent and Bazant’s] willingness to step in and intervene to protect students,” Schwab wrote.