Open mic night held at MLT library April 20

On Saturday April 20th, the main coordinators of Mountlake Terrace Library events, Kyami Nyamidie, Ann Hursey and Christina Montilla hosted a Poetry and music event from 12:45 to 3 p.m. featuring the First Youth Poet and author, Leija Farr, and famous pianist, Cara Hill. This event was to honor April, as it is poetry month. Their main hopes for this event was to bring more awareness to the written word to the more north ends of the Seattle area,as there isn’t evey much opportunity outside downtown Seattle, while bringing the community together.

To achieve their hopes of awareness the self proclaimed “dream team” spread word of the event through Facebook, posters and simply by telling others.. Their advertising had paid off after achieving  an average thirty to forty people.

This year there were approximately thirty-four people from our school, a majority from Humanities Chris Ellinger’s class. While Ellinger did offer extra credit for attendance, here were a few students that stayed throughout the whole event, either to enjoy the art or to see the end.

“It wasn’t what I expected. It was actually really good,” sophomore Hana Abay said.

Junior Nathan Reeber attended out of his own interest of poetry.

“I enjoy examining people’s interpretation of the world,” Reeber said.

The main two attractions of the night were First Junior Poet Leija Farr and author and Cara Hill national pianist Cara Hill. Both being brought together to this event to show that music and poetry are different but alike at the same time.

“Poetry give people an outlet to express their deepest, most conflicted feelings in a straight way. Which can also be done with imagery, music and writing,” Montilla said.

Farr expresses that poetry is more than just words on paper, but can also be someone’s savior.

“I wanted to encourage people to use poetry as a way to self heal,” Farr said.

Hill expresses that poetry and music can give you a way to get yourself out there. She said she likes that it can give someone a way to be heard and connect with others.

“Poetry and music is a way to connect with the world,” Hill said.

She continued, explaining how poetry and music have made an impact on her life.

“Poetry and music has always affected my life and I think of poetry every time I approach music,” HIll said.

Hursey said poetry and music are similar in many ways and belong together.

“Poetry are just the words to a song. And I find it is a compressed way to life,” Hursey said.