Annual MTHS Talent Show displays unique acts

The MTHS Talent Show was held in the theater on Wednesday at 7 p.m., with performances ranging from singing to making a complete sketch out of a few squiggly lines drawn by chosen audience members on a piece of paper.

The show started out with the two hosts Haley Wiseman and James explaining what the night would entail and soon went on to introducing the judges.

The first performances were Candace Disney, who sang “ I’m not the only one” by Sam Smith and Madison Balser singing “Fifteen” by Taylor Swift. The next performance was by Reyanna Princessa, who performed a hip hop routine to the song “Work” by Rihanna, who said her reasoning behind trying out was for a build in self-assurance.

“I auditioned for the talent show, so then I could gain confidence from [the experience].” Princessa said.

The next few acts ranged from music, to rap battles, to art. Some of the other highlights of the night were performances by Flynn Thomas, Kyle Henderson, Kimi Fenn, Paul Pratt and Abbie Apana.

In Flynn Thomas’s performance,  he asked for three volunteers and had them simply draw a few squiggly lines on a piece of paper within 3 seconds. He then turned around to see the lines and soon made them into pieces of artwork, with that sending the audience into applause.

“I enjoy performing in front of crowds,” Flynn said. “My teacher, [Jeannie] Brzovic said that we should audition, and I always [have] been able to use lines and make them into drawings, so that’s what I did.”

In Kyle Henderson’s, Kimi Fenn’s, and Paul Pratt’s performance, they took inspiration from the book, Hamilton, and turned it into a rap battle. Henderson and Fenn rapped back and forth trying to win over which character was better and why, while Pratt helped lead and transition the two battlers. After each and every clever insult that was traded, the audience went into a frenzy over the wordplay.

The last two performances of the night were by Abbie Apana, who sang “ All I ask” by Adele and a band called Sea of Trees, performing on original song called “Other side.”

At the end of the night, Flynn Thomas took first place, Reyanna Princessa took second, and Abbie Apana took third.

The top three continue on to the district talent show at the MTHS theatre today at 7 p.m.