Student verbally harassed on walk to school

At approximately 9:10 this morning, a female student was verbally harassed on her way to school.

Principal Greg Schwab clarified that the student does not attend any morning classes.

The student was walking near 44th Avenue and 212th when a male driving a black Mazda 3 drove past her, going the opposite direction. He shouted out something inaudible at her and proceeded to turn around and pull up to her and did not make any further verbal contact.

The student then continued on to school to report the suspicious incident to Schwab who then called the Mountlake Terrace Police. There is an investigation in place to find the suspect.

Mountlake Terrace Police gave Schwab a list of tips for students walking to or from their home. They advised students to walk with someone else when possible and to wear only one earbud in order to hear what is going on around them. Students should never hesitate to talk to a staff member or call the police if put into a situation that makes them uneasy.