Students conduct research in Olympic Peninsula

Junior Isaac Otis (left) and senior Jessica Phung (right) learn how to measure sediment type beside Barnes Creek.

MTHS sophomores, juniors and seniors spent the past three days participating in the NatureBridge program in the Hoh rainforest.

Biology teacher Penny Lefavour took 16 students from her AP Biology and Biotech classes to the rainforest, who spent time hiking through the woods and collecting data along two different rivers in the forest: Barnes Creek and the Elwha river.

Students broke into two groups, each investigating a different question. One group was looking at macroinvertebrates (water bugs, basically) and the correlation between what types of macros there were and the different properties of the rivers, including pH of the water, amount of oxygen dissolved in the water, turbidity (cloudiness) and pebble size, among other things.
The data is still being processed, but the Hawkeye will post updates on our progress and conclusions.