Last band concert before Canada trip showcases cohesion of bands

Group of trumpets preforming with chamber winds.

As the MTHS bands took to the theater stage, filled with music stands, chairs, instruments, sheet music and players, there was but one component absent: their conductor. Band teacher Darin Faul decided to sit this one out and let the band demonstrate their cohesion on Thursday, Feb. 25.

Chamber Winds performed “Irish Tune” and Symphonic Band performed “Down by the Salley Garden,” all without Faul’s leadership. Percussion Ensemble also made an appearance.

Recently, the bands have been busy, attending events such as a jazz festival in Oregon, the Pacific Northwest Band Festival at the University of Washington and is currently on a trip to Victoria, Canada. The bands hoped to showcase their teamwork and improved intonation that developed as a result of performing at these events.

Senior Garrett Debner, who plays the bass trombone, credited the many band festivals for bringing the band closer together.

“[The sense of] community that ends up happening during the trips is incredible. You’re out of the home performance environment. It’s a new experience you’re sharing with the band,” Debner said.

Sophomore Maria Notario was confident as always because she brought along her “Lucky Cube”.

Once her grandfather stopped believing in her musically, Notario fell back onto the cube for moral support. She brings the Lucky Cube to every band concert, which makes the bands end up playing well.

Notario has also noticed a significant change in the band’s chemistry with each other.

“We’re getting better at our tone and being in tune and listening to each other. We’re actually being nice to each other,” Notario said.

She has stated that the band has become more family-like due to seeing each other more often because of the more frequent performances.

As she performed during the recent string of band festivals, Notario has gained the confidence she needs to be on-stage. Notario plays out with more volume, manages her breathing and is less nervous.

Although she usually has stage fright, Notario recollected her professional image backstage. She tapped the noses of the other band members with the Lucky Cube and set off to play her remarkable solo.