Urban City Gig


By Navarre Kerr

Bikini baristas seem to have become the latest coffee shop craze in the Mountlake Terrace community. On the evening of August 14 however the eye-catching attraction came not from swim wear but from two guitarists who both possess the uncanny ability to entertain virtually anyone. 2009 graduate Justin Correa and senior Gabe Much pioneered what will almost certainly become a local tradition in the recently opened Urban City Coffee. Justin asked the manager if she would like entertainment and she openly stated that she would like something every Friday if possible. Justin shortly thereafter recruited Gabe and the two began practicing only 3 days before the performance. Both Correa and Much are highly renowned for their charismatic charm and musical expertise so I came with high expectations. They delivered everything one could ask for and then some.

Within the first minute I was entranced in their melodies and found myself singing along to familiar tunes. The duo intertwined their renditions of well known hits as well as original songs. In the few days of practice Correa composed guitar parts for Much’s originals. Midway through the evening they introduced a form of musical entertainment unparallel to anything anyone had ever experienced. One person would play guitar while the other would tell a comedic improvisational story in what Correa so aptly titled “Story Time.” They had scheduled for a three hour time slot from 6:30-9:30pm but ended up running out of rehearsed songs with about an hour still remaining. Needless to say they didn’t let that diminish the warm ambiance they had woven.

Correa then whipped out a Beatles song book and the two began jamming once more with their unmatchable spirit. They motioned for the audience to join in and immediately everyone who knew even a snippet of the songs began to harmonize right along with them. After retiring the song book they commenced with songs both of them knew from memory which ranged from “The Red Hot Chili Peppers” to “Sublime.” They finalized the night with the song “No Rain” by “Blind Melon.” Throughout the evening around 35 people showed up. Some came shortly to just to get coffee while others came to stay and relax but all were enchanted by Correa and Much’s performance. Staying true to their reputations of continuous excellence they plan to continue weekly performances in early September. Whether you love coffee, hate coffee, or are completely indifferent to all things java, you will undoubtedly be satisfied with Correa and Much. If you don’t leave with a quenched thirst you will certainly leave with a full heart.