“Moon Over Buffalo” comedy to play tomorrow, through Saturday


The MTHS drama department is premiering their second play of the school year, “ Moon Over Buffalo” tomorrow, Thursday, Feb. 4, at 7 p.m., through Saturday, Feb. 6.  

The play is set in Buffalo, New York in 1953 and is about a family of stage actors trying to make it in the world by impressing a very famous film director.

“Preparation is going very well, we are ahead of schedule compared to other plays we have done.” Haley Wiseman, a Junior playing the main female role of Charlotte Hay, said.

Charlotte is the wife of the traveling actor, George Hay, who is the other main character of the story.

“Moon Over Buffalo” is a comedy and is sure to send the crowd into fits of laughter, but it is known to contain some adult humor and scenes.

The MTHS drama department has been preparing for this play ever since the last one, “ Wait Until Dark.” This play will also be featuring some new cast members, one of them being freshmen Sam Schippers.

“I [just] don’t want to throw up” Schippers said.

This is Schippers first play here at MTHS, in which he is playing the role of Paul, the stage manager for George’s Company in the play.

Also, the tickets are $5, sold at the door.